Celebrating Our Community (Fellowship)

A sense of community and warm fellowship is one of the particular blessings of St. John’s.  These relationships and connections are nurtured in individual conversations and concerns and also in parish fellowship events.

The Jubilation – Each fall on the first Sunday after Labor Day we gather for a meal and conversation to catch up after the summer holiday.  A ministry fair provides information on many ministries and activities within the parish.


Loaves and Fishes – Loaves and Fishes is a group within the parish that provides brunch 4 to 6 times a year on Sundays after the 10:00 am service.

The Feast – The Feast commemorates the feast day of our patron saint, St. John the Evangelist.  St. John’s feast day falls on December 27.  The celebration is deferred until the first Saturday evening in January.  The Feast begins with evening prayer, followed by a full home-cooked meal.  The vestry decorates and cooks for the Feast, as a gift to the parish.




Pancake Supper – Since medieval times, there has been a tradition in the church of feasting on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.  It is a chance to celebrate and clear out the larder before the Lenten fast.  Pancakes have long been a part of this tradition.  The youth of the parish help put on the pancake supper and use any proceeds for their outreach projects.



Fish Fry – Friday evening fish fries are another long-standing tradition within the church.  Once a year during Lent the men of the church put on a fish fry.  Recently, the fish fries have included entertainment.  Proceeds provide funds for breakfasts that St. John’s team cooks for guests in the PADS program.


Picnic – Usually held the first Sunday in June, the parish picnic marks the end of the program year.

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