First Visit

We know it can feel daunting to visit a new church for the first time.  But please know that your presence will enrich our worship and our community.

If you feel like something is missing in your life, we hope you will join us.  St. John’s is a place to connect…  A place to connect to God in worship that is reverent and joyful…  A place to connect to a caring and welcoming community…  A place to connect to your own faith and deepen that faith with Christian formation classes…  And a place to connect to the needs of the world through various outreach opportunities.

We hope to see you this weekend! For more information, simply go to the contact page and email us. One of our staff will reply to you just as soon as possible.


What to Expect

How should I dress?
The norm for most parishioners is somewhere from casual to what might be called business casual. It is not uncommon to see shorts and flip flops (especially on younger members) in the summer. It is also not uncommon to see a few men in suit and tie.   So you should not feel out of place no matter what you wear. Many parishioners do enjoy “dressing up” for Easter Sunday, but casual dress is fine on Easter, too.

Where should I park?
St. John’s does not have a parking lot, but there is abundant street parking around the church. To avoid a ticket, please observe state laws and do not park too near a fire hydrant, crosswalk or intersection. The “yellow line” on the east side of Leavitt Avenue near the entrance to the parish office is available and reserved on Sundays for parking for those with limited mobility.

What is the difference between the two Sunday morning services?
The 8:00 service uses the language of “Rite 1” – Elizabethan English similar to the language of the King James Bible. It includes a closing hymn; but otherwise is a quiet, more meditative service. It typically concludes around 8:50. The 10:00 family service uses contemporary language and includes a fair amount of music. It typically ends around 11:00 or 11:10. Both services include a sermon and Holy Communion every Sunday.

Where should I sit?
Where ever you feel comfortable. The ushers will be happy to assist you.

What about children?
Children of all ages are always welcome in worship. Really. And wiggling and chirping are age-appropriate forms of praise to God! If you prefer, we do provide a staffed nursery for infants and toddlers during the 10:00 service. It is located in the education wing. Please ask an usher if you need directions. But remember, you are more sensitive to the noises your children make than anyone else. Relax and trust that they are welcome.

Can people who are not Episcopalian receive communion?
Yes. All baptized Christians of any age or denominational background are welcome at the Lord’s Table to receive Communion.

What about the collection?
There are many ways we offer ourselves to God and God’s service. Participating in worship and offering prayer is one of the most important. Each of us also has time and particular talents to offer to the mission of the church. A monetary collection is taken at every Sunday worship service as another way for all of us to support the life and work of the church.  The church relies on these contributions, but no one is required or expected to contribute. Most regular parishioners make a financial pledge or tithe to the ministry of the church. They may pay that pledge by placing money in the plate each Sunday as it is passed. Others make an offering once a month; some pay their pledges by mail. All contributions are welcome and a blessing to the parish. But no assumptions are made about whether or not any individual (guest or long-time parishioner) makes a contribution on any given Sunday.

Is there Sunday School?
During the school year (between Labor Day and Memorial Day) Christian education opportunities are offered for children and adults during the 9:00 hour. You do not have to be “registered.” Guests and visitors are always welcome.

What do Episcopalians believe about…..????
The Pastor loves to have these conversations! Just ask!